Thank you for booking!


Hey, thanks for booking in!


So, here's how it works:


1. The interview will take place via Zoom. I will send you a Zoom link shortly. If you have any trouble logging in or cannot find the link when it is time to record, please just email me at or call/text 559-283-4258 and I will re-send the link to you immediately. 


2. Please get ready to click the Zoom link at least 5 minutes in advance of our meeting start – we don't have a LOT of time and I want to make sure we give you the full 60 minutes to talk about your exciting career journey.


3. Again, so we can make sure you come across totally brilliant to my audience, we want to make sure the audio quality is great. If you have an external microphone that would be great! If not, standard headphones for cell phones (apple earbuds, android earbuds) work great too. Also please try to find a quiet space for the interview. 


4. If you need to re-schedule or cancel, no worries at all – it happens! Just click the ‘reschedule/cancel' link in your confirmation email from calendly (or email me at You can reschedule/cancel anytime, so please do use this link if you need to. 


I'll send a reminder a couple of hours ahead of our call, so look out for that. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to a chat.


Speak soon!